Balwearie High School

S2-3 Course Choice


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a pupil to crash a subject in S3 eg. music? Not attending music in school but taking Nat 4/5 exams?  

This is not recommend as 7 subjects gives you a good progression route into S5/S6. Music could be picked up in S5/S6 even if not selected in S3. 


So are we meant to be doing anything else with regards to the actual choices just now or will this be communicated at a later date?  

You will receive a course choice form via email, with instructions about completing and returning the form.  


Could you explain what the guidance interviews are? 

Every pupil will get a 1:1 interview with their guidance teacher to discuss the choices they have made. 


We’ve had a good look at the Curriculum Pathways booklet. Just wondering if there’s a breakdown / summary of key topics covered in each subject choice, eg history - covering WW1, Scottish history etc?  

This is information that pupils can ask their current teacher.  


Could you advise which subjects(s) would cover graphic design - it’s not mentioned specifically in the graphic communication or art and design subjects descriptions in the Curriculum Pathways booklet.  

Graphic design encompasses a wide range of subjects and skill needed for this diverse field. Looking at college and university entry requirements there is no mandatory subject requirements out with English. However, I would recommend looking towards Art and Graphic Communication.  


I was wondering If they drop for example food tech in 4th year can they pick it up again in 5th year to do the Nat5?  

Yes, completing a year of a subject in S3 before dropping it allows progression into picking up this subject again in S5/S6 


Why is Dance not available in S3 or S4 yet it is available as a Higher in S5? Is dance included in PE in S3?  

Dance is delivered by the college in S5/S6. Dance can be a practical component of National 5 PE in S4/S4 but is not a discreet offering.  


If my child chooses a specific science in S3 can they choose a different science in S4? 

No, Biology, Physics and Chemistry are designed to be followed as 2 year courses.  


In the free choice sections can you pick subjects that have been chosen already in one of the other eight boxes? 

No, you cannot select the same subject twice.