Balwearie High School recognises that the existing curriculum structure poses some problems for certain pupils so we have created Balwearie Raising Attainment Groups: B.R.A.G .

We will strive to provide an appropriate and alternative option where required for all pupils.

B.R.A.G will be accessible for all year groups.

B.R.A.G will focus on individual pupils needs; social, vocational, core skills and raising attainment.

B.R.A.G aims to create an effective and realistic pathway for pupils into positive sustained destinations post school life.

Projects and courses will often be facilitated by partners, our current projects and partners include


SRUC Elmwood:  Introduction to Horticulture which gains pupils a national 4 level qualification

A range of topics will be covered during the course including plant propagation, rural estate management, horticulture and green keeping tools and machinery and preparing an area for landscaping.


BRAG Enterprises Ltd: F24 Greenpower Kit car designing, building and racing the finished car at East Fortune race track and Alford near Aberdeen The project uses motorsport to inspire students from primary school to university to excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. More than 400 schools from throughout the UK are involved.


Lochore Meadows & Fife Ranger Service: Natural Connections 

Natural Connections is based on the belief that the best outdoor learning combines adventure skills, personal and social development and learning about the environment. Other important aspects of learning outdoors are the benefits to health, gaining a better understanding of our rights and responsibilities and learning to understand and deal with risk. The Natural Connections programme is designed to offer this balance. Natural Connections uses enjoyable and challenging outdoor experiences to progressively develop skills and understanding. Reflection on experience is encouraged throughout and is the focus of making connections, where participants look back at all their experiences in Natural Connections and how they connect. Progression through the three levels of Natural Connections allows people to specialise and focus on areas that particularly interest them.

Learning Outdoors simply describes any type of learning that takes place in an outdoor environment. It will rarely require specialist training or equipment.

Adventure Education describes a programme of activities where the activity and challenge itself is key to the programme. More technically based activities such as canoeing or mountain biking are usually delivered to groups by specially trained staff.

Outdoor Learning describes an approach to learning that can take place in a variety of outdoor settings. A school or group with an ethos of outdoor learning will engage in regular opportunities to take learning

CL D: S1 Jigsaw

            7 Habits of an effective teenager

             Sound Support

             Bright Futures

             S3 Life Skills

Kelly Laing FEAT: Our Minds Matter

Kate Fahy-Lang NHS & CAMHS: Mindfulness

Louise Blakey:  Girls Boxing Group

Fighting Chances Yellow Belt Challenge: Judo 

SACRO: individualised 1 to1 work with disengaged pupils