Balwearie High School








Balwearie High School recognises that the existing curriculum structure poses some problems for certain pupils so we have created Balwearie Raising Attainment Groups: B.R.A.G .

We will strive to provide an appropriate and alternative option where required for all pupils.

B.R.A.G will be accessible for all year groups.

B.R.A.G will focus on individual pupils needs; social, vocational, core skills and raising attainment.

B.R.A.G aims to create an effective and realistic pathway for pupils into positive sustained destinations post school life.

Projects and courses will often be facilitated by partners, our current projects and partners include;

SRUC Elmwood:  Introduction to Horticulture which gains pupils a National 4 level qualification. A range of topics will be covered during the course including plant propagation, rural estate management, horticulture and green keeping tools and machinery and preparing an area for landscaping.  The new polytunnel allows the pupils to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs to take home or for use in our Home Economics department.


Adventure Education describes a programme of activities where the activity and challenge itself is key to the programme. More technically based activities such as canoeing or mountain biking are usually delivered to groups by specially trained staff.

Outdoor Learning describes an approach to learning that can take place in a variety of outdoor settings. A school or group with an ethos of outdoor learning will engage in regular opportunities to take learning

Boxing group Glenrothes Boxing  Club  Tutor   Louise Blakey  facilitates  a Boxing group every Monday morning ,this is a very popular group with pupils with a focus on fitness and team building for a group of  S3 and S4 pupils.


Fife Council Employability / Construction projects 

Project 1 was a bespoke project for some English as another Language pupils who were at risk of leaving school with a negative destination

Project 2 was for  a group of Summer 2019 leavers who had not gained a positive destination 

These projects included health and Safety on a Construction site and gaining CSCS cards allowing these pupils to gain employment  and further training 


Early years learning / SRUC Elmwood 

This is a pilot project for senior phase pupils engaging with our catchment primaries and nurseries, this project gains pupils a SQA national level 5 qualification 


Intergenerational learning 

 We have a project  where pupils visit local care homes every week, Abbostsford care in Milton road is our main one and both pupils and residents enjoy chatting ,baking together,arts and crafts,the most recent  event was a halloween party.


Creative growth 

This is a art therapy course with a focus on  decreasing anxiety for the pupils involved 



This a project with a focus on building confidence and resilience  and empowerment for female pupils.