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Emotional Wellbeing - Branch Out

Promoting young people’s emotional well-being is widely recognised as an important priority within Education.
Branch Out is the new well-being curriculum that is currently being developed for young people in P7 to S3 in Fife. It aims to promote their emotional well-being and coping. It will cover topics such as understanding emotions, keeping active, sleeping well, connecting with others, coping with stress, kindness and understanding adolescence.

We want to make sure that the curriculum is effective at supporting young people’s emotional well-being and that it is acceptable to them. As such we are asking S2 students to complete 2 on-line questionnaires. These questionnaires will ask about each students emotional well-being and coping, and should take 15-20 minutes to complete.
Students will be asked for their unique ID number (issued during Assembly w/b 4/11/19) to match up their responses on the pre-course and post-course questionnaires. This will allow student responses to be anonymous.
All S2 students will receive the Emotional Wellbeing Curriculum, delivered to them in Social Education class, however if you do not  wish your son/daughter to participate in the course evaluation via the pre-course and post-course questionnaires, please let your young persons Guidance Teacher know.

The questionnaires can be accessed using the following links and should be completed in the order shown:

Questionnaire 1: Branch Out S1 Pupil Wellbeing Questionnaire – Pre Lessons; Click Here


Questionnaire 2: Branch Out S1 Pupil True/False Questionnaire – Pre Lessons; Click Here


  • The questions have been assessed as safe, but if a young person does find something troubling they can stop filling in the survey at any point.
  • Young people and their carers are free to withdraw their consent at any time without giving a reason. However, as data is collected anonymously, it is not possible to remove their responses once these have been provided.
  • The answers a young person gives will be anonymous and confidential. The information a young person provides will be stored securely. 
  • Some young people may require some additional support to understand and complete the questionnaires.
  • Young people will be provided with information about where they can access support if they are struggling with their emotional wellbeing, and encouraged to speak to school staff about this. These are helpful conversations to facilitate further within the classroom and will form part of the Branch Out curriculum. 

Information for Parents

Information for young people