Balwearie High School

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Our aim: to develop your understanding of literature through a variety of texts: novels, plays, non-fiction, poetry and short stories. We will also provide opportunities for you to explore media such as films and documentaries. Our work in English encourages you to develop your writing skills, giving you the chance to express your creativity.  Talk skills also form a key part of our courses: presentation and discussion skills are practised through regular talk tasks.


Over the course of S1-3 (BGE), you will experience a series of Learning Themes in which you study a topic in depth and participate in different reading, writing, talking and listening activities. This approach allows you to develop a deeper understanding of what you are being taught. You will write in different forms and genres, e.g. persuasive, discursive, poetry, imaginative writing and drama-scripts. For many tasks you will be able to choose how you present your ideas: in the past we have had paintings, posters, powerpoints and even songs!

We also offer electives in Film Studies, Creative Writing and Debating.



In the Senior phase, we offer SQA courses at National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level, as well as National Progression Awards. Large numbers of students continue to study English up until the end of S6 and we usually have two classes at Advanced Higher level, a sign that many of our pupils are enthusiastic about the subject and how they are taught in our department!



Extra-Curricular Activities

You are also likely to be offered the opportunity to participate in regular extra-curricular activities including debating, school magazine and creative writing groups, as well as trips to the cinema or theatre. We have taken students on residential trips to London, The Harry Potter Experience (in Watford) and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Members of our department also participate in World Challenge and Duke of Edinburgh excursions. We have had prize winners in prestigious national writing competitions, including The Pushkin Prize. Our Debating Team has made it to national finals of competitions as well.

We are confident that you will enjoy your time in our department and manage to get the best possible qualification in English. We are aware that employers, colleges and universities value an SQA qualification in our subject and you will develop various skills during your time with us which will help you with whatever career you choose to pursue when you leave school.