Balwearie High School

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Expressive Arts

Welcome to the Expressive Arts faculty at Balwearie High School. Below you can meet all the department staff and find out a little bit more about them by clicking on their photos.

For further information about each department please select Art, Drama and Music from the Subject dropdown.



  • Mr Harlow
    Faculty Head Expressive Arts & Teacher of Music
  • Ms McGladdery
    Faculty Head Expressive Arts & Teacher of Drama
  • Miss Cameron
    Teacher of Art
  • Ms Cameron
    Teacher of Drama
  • Miss Charnley
    Teacher of Music
  • Miss Douglas
    Teacher of Music
  • Mr Foy
    Teacher of Art
  • Mrs Maylin
    Teacher of Art
  • Miss Neave
    Teacher of Art
  • Mrs Normand
    Teacher of Music
  • Mrs Page
    Teacher of Art


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