Balwearie High School

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At Balwearie, our Media courses are designed to help our pupils understand the

central role of the media in our society, encouraging them to consider some of the

broader issues surrounding film, TV, newspapers, magazines, computer games and

'new' media.

  • What is the influence of media on our values and beliefs?

  • What role do these media play in our society and way of life?

  • Are people/groups represented realistically and fairly on TV, in film, in newspapers, etc?


Focusing on texts 



 As well as dealing with the wider issues, our courses also deliver a more detailed focus on specific

media products. Pupils are challenged to deconstruct films, TV programmes, internet content and

advertising in order to reveal the key messages contained in our everyday media. Our department

primarily focuses on film media but each of our classes covers a wide range of texts. 

Creating Media 

Furthermore, a fundamental element of our work is the making of Media: film trailers, music videos,

storyboarding and posters. We develop our students' understanding of how to research products and

then successfully take their ideas from planning through to production. Our students have produced

some amazing films and magazines, using their media skills and plenty of creativity to achieve excellent results!