Balwearie High School

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Balwearie has a thriving music department with many opportunities for students through courses in both Music and Music Technology. As well as students learning to play a wide range of classroom-based instruments, the school has a variety of visiting instructors covering different string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments as well as the piano, guitar, bagpipes and pipe band drumming. There are many extra-curricular groups in the department run by Music teachers and visiting instrumental instructors where pupils are able to take part in both the Christmas and Spring concerts, the Fife Festival of Music and numerous other performing opportunities throughout the year.


Check us out on YouTube (Balwearie Music Department) and Twitter (@BalwearieMusic)

Our Virtual Christmas Concert is available on our Youtube channel. Please click here to view!

We have also added our Wind Band performance below. Due to Covid restrictions, pupils were unable to record this for our Christmas concert but have continued to give up their time to rehearse this for you.


Music Staff

Mr Harlow (PTC Expressive Arts S4-6)

Miss Charnley

Miss Douglas

Mrs Normand

Instrumental Instructors

Mr Anderson (Guitar)

Mr Brown (Pipe Band Drumming)

Mr Clarke (Upper Strings)

Mrs Drever (Piano)

Mr Fraser (Double Bass)

Mrs Furness (Cello)

Mrs McLaughlin (Brass)

Mrs Morrison (Percussion)

Miss Muir (Bagpipes)

Miss Pettican (Woodwind)