Balwearie High School

S5/6 Prelim Timetable

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S5/S6 Prelim Examination Arrangements

I would like to take opportunity to confirm the arrangements for the forthcoming S5/S6 Prelim Examinations that will take place from

Monday, 14 January to Thursday, 24 January 2019 inclusive.

Pupils should use this to plan their exam schedule. The exam diet takes place over a very short period and as such pupils may have a number of exams on the same day. 

There will be a small number of pupils who will have coincidental exams and I will be meeting with this group to make them aware of the slightly different arrangements that will apply to them.

Study Leave is very important to ensure that pupils are able to experience and develop the planning skills they will require for their S5/S6 exams and beyond. I can confirm that Study Leave will start for pupils on Monday, 14 January with all pupils returning to school and normal timetable arrangements on Friday, 25 January 2019.

Pupils who receive Assessment Arrangements will also be issued with personalised timetables by Miss Wragg when we return after the Christmas holiday.


Yours faithfully

Mr S McGuckin

Depute Head