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P7 Transition

As we continue to recover from the recent pandemic, you cannot get away from science and the pivotal role that scientists play in everyone's lives. On one hand; the medical professional and care providers, the researchers, epidemiologists, scientific statisticians and government advisors involved in dealing with COVID-19 itself. While on the other hand there are; the developments in commercial space flight, our dependence on communication technology, the evolution of greener technology,the increasing public awareness of the inherent value of nature and green spaces to our lives and the environmental problems that we have caused and need to fix. The importance of science in our lives goes on and on. 

Never have careers in Science been so prominent nor their importance so evident and it is in this climate, that the Science faculty are really looking forward to meeting you. You will be one of the next batch of our budding scientists, as you embark on your Balwearie Science course and bring your enthusiasm and ideas for the science and the future. We can't wait to get started.

You can follow what we do on our Biology Twitter Account @BalwearieBio 

Introduction Activities; 

The James Dyson Foundation have produced some excellent Science challenges for you to try at home. The first 22 are Science focused. Try some of them and let us know how you get on. Better still, put your work on Twitter and tag us in the post! Can't wait to meet you all.

jdf with cover challenge cards digital.pdf