Balwearie High School

Family Support

Balwearie School Foodbank.

Balwearie would like to announce the opening of the school Foodbank.  We are aware there are a number of families who would value some support throughout the year and cannot easily access the town’s Foodbank. We have therefore created one of our own. We stock a variety of cans, snacks, packets, biscuits, cereal and UHT milk . If you feel you could do with an extra help at any point please do not hesitate to get in touch


Balwearie Uniform Bank.

As school we strive to insure all our pupils can wear full school uniform. We are therefore planning a uniform bank which will be available from Summer 2019. If you wish to use this service or you wish to donate please get in touch -


Breakfast Club.

We would like to remind you that we run a breakfast club every morning this is free and open to all pupils


Menstrual products

NO female pupils should have to purchase and sanitary items these are free at school to be taken home for the weekend and holiday times. Do not buy products for their children. Pupils can access them from Guidance bases, RMPS base and Mrs Johnstone’s office.

Any queries  can be made to or direct to Margaret Johnstone, Support Services Coordinator


Free School Meals & Clothing Grant;

This is the link to apply for free school meals or the free clothing grant;


Food bank vouchers

In difficult times we all need some help, we can issue Food bank vouchers to parents if required .

If you have any problems and need support to complete these forms or wish to receive a Foodbank voucher please contact; 

Margaret Johnstone

Support Services Coordinator at Balwearie.


General Advice

If you need advice we can let you know which agencies in Fife can help you 

Here are some examples;