Balwearie High School

Positive Behaviour Policy


The school’s most important function is to provide effective learning and teaching for all pupils in a caring and well-ordered environment. The aim of this policy is to support a positive ethos in the school so that effective learning and teaching can take place.

We all have a responsibility to manage behaviour and relationships in a positive way. Effective schools do this in a clear and consistent manner.

In Balwearie High School we believe that:

  • Pupils generally want to behave well

  • Behaviour is a means of communication and it is our job to ensure that all pupils are supported to communicate their needs safely and appropriately

  • With the right support and intervention pupils can learn to improve their ability to self-regulate

  • Mistakes are part of the learning process

  • All of our pupils are at different stages of the developmental process

  • Some of our pupils have social difficulties and/or learning difficulties which impact on how they behave and respond

  • School staff can use a variety of strategies to support pupils to improve their behaviour


    All staff can support the pupils in our school through:

  • Developing high quality relationships with pupils and each other

  • High quality learning and teaching

  • Encouraging good behaviour around the school

  • Having a clear understanding of the ASN of the pupils in our care

  • Making good use of systems, including SEEMiS, to share information

  • Playing a part in identifying suitable strategies for pupils so that our interventions are well informed, planned and shared

  • Exercising professional judgement, common sense and flexibility to deliver the right outcomes

    in difficult situations

  • Investing time to allow pupils the opportunity to reflect on and learn from mistakes

  • Working in close partnership with parents and carers

    Click here to download the full Positive Behaviour Policy