Balwearie High School

Transport Information

All pupils travelling between Balwearie High School and their homes in Burntisland, Kinghorn and Auchtertool are entitled to a bus pass. This is allocated by Fife Council.

There are separate Myfife cards and bus passes and the bus pass MUST be shown on request to the bus crews, or the journey may have to be paid for.  If a bus pass is lost, a replacement can be ordered by the school.  This will cost the pupil £5, payable before the replacement is issued. (In certain circumstances payment can be made over a period of weeks if necessary)

All pupils should be at their bus stops by 8.20 am.  Pupils should only use their allocated bus in the morning and going home at night.

If a school bus fails to turn up, pupils should remain at their bus stop and take the next available bus into school. Pupils must not drift off home.  One pupil should call in to school (583402).  The school will contact the bus company to find out what the problem is.

While the bus company accepts responsibility for the pupils on board the buses, the school does assist in investigating any incident reported to them by the bus company involving pupil misbehaviour. Pupils are expected to behave in a responsible manner at all times for their own safety and that of others.  Fife Council has produced a booklet called ‘Getting to School’. This can be accessed by clicking this link:

Getting to School Booklet

It is recommended that all pupils and parents read this booklet. 

After school, the school buses leave from the school bus stances in Beveridge Park under the supervision of members of the school staff.  Pupils should make their way directly from school to the bus park at the end of the day and board the bus with