Balwearie High School


balwearie:connect is an emerging joint venture between Balwearie High School and a group of former pupils, triggered by the community spirit of the Covid Crisis. It plans to establish a Balwearie former pupils network, to share life and work experiences with current Balwearie pupils, with the aim of providing information to support their choices, at this important period of their lives.

Once the network is established, the plan is for former pupils to share their knowledge and experience with current pupils, on their ‘life map’, following their Balwearie education. A comprehensive range of experience is possible, reflecting the many possible paths followed by Balwearie pupils, from the near and far corners of the world.
It is hoped that balwearie:connect will develop as an interactive forum, under the umbrella of Balwearie High School, managed by former pupils, with engagement from current pupils and support from Balwearie High School. It is a voluntary initiative and will rely on the input from all.

If you would like to join this network of former pupils, or would just like to find out a bit more about the initiative, please contact Alison Callum, the network's coordinator, on the following email;

Contact us at: