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Balwearie:Connect is a joint venture between Balwearie High School and a group of Balwearie former pupils, triggered by the community spirit of the Covid pandemic, in supporting education. Following the benefit of their Balwearie education, this former pupils network will share experience with current pupils, to support their life and career decisions.

A wide range of experience will emerge, reflecting the many paths followed by Balwearie pupils, from the near and far corners of the world and in many walks of life.

Balwearie:Connect is planned to develop as an interactive forum, under the umbrella of Balwearie High School, managed by former pupils, with engagement from current pupils and support from the school. It is a voluntary initiative and will rely on input from all. A multitude of initiatives are in planning and will be developed organically on a long-term basis.

If you would like to find out more about Balwearie:Connect, please contact Alison Callum at

Spring 2022 Newsletter

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Balwearie:Connect Partnerships

This exciting initiative links former pupils to school subject areas, so that our current learners can see the relevance of their classroom learning to future careers and the world of work. 

We would welcome any and all forms of partnership to suit the availability of former pupils who would be willing to give a little time to this initiative. 

To kick things off we simply want to match former pupils to appropriate school departments to get a conversation going. Please complete the form.

Balwearie:Connect stories

Life doesn't go in a straight line. Stories from our former pupils illustrate the many pathways beyond school and their twists and turns. There is insight, inspiration, and sound advice in these stories. Please enjoy, and get in touch if you would like to be involved in the balwearie:connect community.


 Jordan Deaves (Apple Genius) - Balwearie years: 2003-2009

Design & Technology, Computing, Business Management


Nicola Aberdein (University Lecturer) - Balwearie years: 2000-2006

Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry


Sonia Bowen (Office Manager) - Balwearie years: 1980-1986

Modern Languages, Business Management, Administration


Keith Baxter (PGA Golf Professional) - Balwearie years: 1972-1978

Physical Education, Business Management


Martin Balshaw (Flying Instructor) - Balwearie years: 1976 - 1982

Design & Technology, Personal & Social Education


Sarah Cooper (Actor, Singer, Dancer) - Balwearie years: 2008 - 2014

Drama, Music, Physical Education



Mhairi Lang (Library Assistant) - Balwearie years: 2010 - 2014

Administration, English, Drama


Tim Arnstein (Royal Navy Officer) - Balwearie years: 2011 - 2017

Personal & Social Education


We are very grateful to our former pupils for these contributions, and to the team at MidgieBite Media.